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Workshops are tailored to meet the individual needs of the organization. Training schedules can range from a 1-hour to a 3-day program spread over several weeks.

The length of each program depends on a variety of factors. We will analyze the goals and expected outcomes and give you options.

Workshops can be designed to meet a variety of concerns such as:

Diversity of Work Style

Conflict Resolution
Team Building
Cross-cultural Communication
Non-discrimination/Equal Opportunity
Affirmative Action Plans
Harassment Prevention/Sexual Harassment Prevention
Business Affirmative Action
Cross-cultural Academic Issues
New Employee Orientation
Performance Management
Manager’s Performance Evaluation Training
EEO Plans at Community Colleges
Problem Solving Approaches

Ideally, our workshops are designed to be highly participatory and experiential in a small group setting. However, large audience-based programs are also available.

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